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FARM GIRL BEAUTY – British Pathe

FARM GIRL BEAUTY – British Pathe.


Don’t you just love the old British stiff upper lip reporting from the old News Reels? Enjoy this retro footage of a simple Farm Girl winning a beauty competition complete with girl about town makeover.

Rural dating

Finding love in the countryside

People often ask why hasn’t she got a boyfriend?

Charlotte is an attractive 31-year-old living in a beautiful rural setting with a successful equestrian career and a busy social diary. “When they ask me why am I single, I never know how to respond,” Charlotte says. “It’s more acceptable in the city. Here in the country people wonder what’s wrong with you. But I’d rather be on my own than with someone who isn’t right for me and my lifestyle. My friends say that I’ll meet someone when I least expect it and I guess I just have to believe them. Horsey girls aren’t that bad really.”

It shouldn’t be difficult to meet a like-minded person in the countryside, given that there is a huge calendar of rural social events. However, according to Pat, a farmer’s wife from Derbyshire who runs a rural introduction agency, the country dating scene can be bleak, no matter what your age or how attractive you are. “Communities are small and people work long hours,” she says. “There are amazing men out there who want a wife and children but feel as if they’ve been sitting on a tractor for the last 10 years and haven’t met anyone.” However, Charlotte is socially proactive. “I’m not a hermit, I go out all the time. I like having a full itinerary,” she says. “But it’s rare to be introduced to a new face.” For many rural communities, there can be only the one big annual social event often organised ostensibly to raise money for the local causes. This could well present locals with a rare opportunity to dress up and swing each other around on the dance floor. “I’d never go to one on my own,” Charlotte says, “but as long as I have a wing-man, I’m fine.” This is exactly the right approach. Find a dating buddy; someone who is in the same situation as you. Single friends will also give you moral support if you’re feeling depressed about meeting the third frog in a row. Read the rest of this entry »

Farmer dating

Farmers dating website for Rural Dating

Find Country Love with Country Lover

You think dating in a big city can be tough?

You should try being out in the rural retreat of the countryside. If you are working on the farm or ranch everyday, away from crowds, with hardly anyone around to meet with and date – you probably need all the help you can get finding love – and you can find it at

This dating website is much more relaxed than at most and unlike other online dating websites it specialises in those who live and work in the country and those who love to spend time in the countryside. All ages can find love at Country Lover and you can try the site for as long as you like without any charge.

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Country Lover dating

country dating and farmer dating sign up today free

Countryside Friends and Rural Network

A place for those of us living in remote rural areas and people who just love the countryside to meet other country lovers - find each other and romance.
Enjoy and share your passion for others and wide open spaces on Country Lover.

What’s it cost?

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Then, if you wish to contact and meet those who share your country lifestyle and passions a small monthly charge will upgrade your membership and give access to all the sites dating network features.

Why country lover?

Country Lover provides an easy option for all lovers of the countryside to meet enjoy & share their rural lifestyle. Recent TV and media coverage makes it very clear that millions of people are now looking at online dating services and personals to find romance & new friends.

So, we created for those of us living in the remote rural areas of the world.